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Tour StopsThe villages of Jioufen were once centers of gold mining in Taiwan. The gold is gone, but these quaint old villages, built of closely-packed houses clinging to steep mountainsides, continue to offer enchanting scenery and fascinating glimpses into the lifestyles of the past. The Northeast coast National Scenic Area is located in the northeast corner of Taiwan. The scenic area is noted for its numerous capes and bays backed by green mountains

( 1 ) Bitou CapeVariety landforms, whirlpools, mushroom rock, honeycomb rock, trace fossils, sea cliffs, erosion platforms, sea terrace, erosion trenches, skerries, stacks, rock striations, intertidal zone.


( 2 ) Nanya Rock Formations Nanya is the northern gateway to the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area. From here on, you'll no longer see chimneys everywhere or buildings surrounding you. What you will find are rising mountain peaks, large expanses of ocean, unique erosion landforms formed by the interaction of mountain and water, and finally, serene fishing villages and simple towns.

( 3 ) Yin Yang Sea-Bay of Two Colors

( 4 ) Jinguashih Village
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( 5 ) Jioufen Old Street Jioufeng is located on a hilly area that faces the ocean and is surrounded on three sides by mountains. It is a mountain colony stretching over high and low, with its people still maintaining their original simple lifestyle. Because the houses and buildings are built close together, residents interact frequently, lending this place a warm and rich human touch. With the changing of seasons, the scenery also varies greatly, presenting different aspects of Jioufeng. In the past, Jioufeng was the dreamland of gold diggers; as of now, it has become a sanctuary for many artists.  


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