Taipei City Tour
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Tour Stops

( 1 ) Martyr's Shrine
It is an excellent example of classical Ming dynasty architecture, dedicated to the fallen heroes of China's wars. There is an hourly changing of the guard ceremony at the entrance which many people find interesting.


 ( 2國立故宮博物院 ) National Palace Museum Taipei's National Palace Museum houses the world's largest collection of Chinese art treasure. Most of the 620,000 art objects were part of the Chinese imperial collection that was brought to Taiwan for safe-keeping. The collection is too large to be displayed at one time! While many popular pieces remain on permanent display, other items are rotated regularly, making each visit unique.

( 3 ) Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall (National Taiwan Democracy Hall) It is an impressive monument to a great Chinese leader. The majestic hall towers over 25 hectares of landscaped gardens, graceful pavilions, and ponds. A statue of late President Chiang looks out over the city from the main building. An elegant Ming-style arch at the main entrance is flanked by two classical-style buildings, the National Theater and the National Concert Hall. The square between the buildings is a popular gathering place during festive occasions.

( 4 ) Traditional Temple There are a lot of traditional Chinese temples in Taipei City. Those places represented the centers of people's religious activities. Meticulously designed and built, the faithful believers showed their respects to the Holy Gods, and lots of smoke from incense suffused within those temples.


( 5 ) Presidential Office Building (pass by) Formerly known as the Governor-General's Office and headquarters to the Japanese colonial administration in Taiwan, the Office of the President was first designed after a prolonged competition that was held in two stages in 1906 and 1910 respectively.  Construction began in 1912 and by 1915 a beam raising ceremony was held to commemorate the completion of the main structure.  Finally, on March of 1919, the Governor-General's Office was finished. During World War II, sections of the building were bombed by Allied forces and caught fire.  After the Japanese surrendered, the Nationalist government took control of the building and repaired the damages.  On July of 1998, the Ministry of Interior declared the Office of the President a historic national monument.

( 6 ) Handicraft Center
Established in 1957, Taiwan Handicraft Promotion Center is a non-profit social oriented organization dedicated to the development and promotion of the handicraft industry in Taiwan. Chinese Handicraft Mart, an operating unit of Taiwan Handicraft Promotion Center, provides a one-stop shopping environment. Largest in its kind, Chinese Handicraft Mart offers more than 40,000 items in art furniture, jewelries, home furnishings, and general gift items, as well as services in currency exchange, gift-wrapping and shipping. It is a one-stop shopping place in Taipei for gift, jewelry, art, furniture, and many other inexpensive mementos.

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