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   Peiho Town Lotus SPA Tour


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08:00~9:20 (daily service; 4-person min)

Departure Point

Station of Taiwan High Speed Railway/Station of Taiwan Railway/ Major hotels in downtown

Package Price

Price IncludingTour Bus, Tour Guide, Spring SPA, Delicate Lunch made of Lotus, Dinner, Traveling Insurance (NT$2 Million + NT$30,000. Medical Insurance) and Mineral Water

Prince ExcludingRound-way ticket of Taiwan High Speed Railway


Gathering Location→ Lotus Ecological Park → Lunch → Kuantzuling Hot Spring → Mutsun Spring Restaurant → Happy Return


Lotus Ecological Park

  In Taiwan, the best places of appreciating lotus flower from northern part to the south include Peiho Town in the southern part and Kuanying Hsiang in the north; among them, Peiho is the most famous place for appreciating its lotus flower. The four seasons in whole year, people can enjoy the most beautiful view at the best location. In summer, people could drink a cup of lotus tea and eat lotus ice-lolly which take summer heat away in the afternoon, besides, the owner of lotus park is pleased to tell the story of lotus very colorfully. It is also famous for its King Lotus that could let the elder and the children to sit on the lotus leave in person and enjoy the special pleasure.

 Kuantzulng Hot Spring

    It is very rare to have mud spring in the world, and Kuantzuling Hot Spring is one of them that have ever been developed.  Hot Spring is a kind of alkalinity carbonate hot spring, murky and with sulfate. This is why the hot spring is in black and satiny in touch. Hot spring is rich in lots of mines and presented in grey-black color which people call it as “Black Spring” and is also appraised as “Mud Spring listing as National Treasure”. In the meanwhile, Ching-Ta Real Estate has invested ten million dollars to develop it for several years, and therefore, we can have this “Mineral Mud Spring” which is not easily to get. The water quality of this spring is very creamy. In addition, this magic mineral mud has possessed functions of whitening and protecting skin which have been widely attracted to all ladies.

Dinner – Mutsun Spring Restaurant

The Mutsun spring restaurant is located in the Peiho town and surrounded by many old trees and an old church. The characteristic of this restaurant is to combine the local specialty with the creativities to convert into a light and healthy meal for the customers.

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