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   Wushantou Reservoir and Chi Mei Museum


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08:00~9:20 (daily service; 4-person min)

Departure Point

Station of Taiwan High Speed Railway/Station of Taiwan Railway/ Major hotels in downtown

Package Price

Price IncludingTW Tour Bus transportation, lunch, admission ticket, $2 million travel insurance, $30,000 medical insurance, mineral water

Prince ExcludingRound-way ticket of Taiwan High Speed Railway


Meeting point→ Wushantou Reservoir-Yoichi Hatta Memorial Room→ Lunch→Mango Ice shake→ Chi Mei Museum→ return


Wushantou Reservoir-Yoichi Hatta Memorial Room

Reservoir is located in the Chianan Plain. Viewed from above, the lakeshore of the reservoir can be seen meandering like blue coral reef, hence known as “Coral Lake”. Yoichi Hatta, a Japanese engineer, was the founder of the Wushantou Reservoir and Chiana Waterworks. Memorial Room exhibits many photos and culture relics. Visitors can learn about the history of the reservoir and the influence of the Irrigation System in Chianan Plain.


Mango Ice shake

Have you ever tasted mango ice shake in summer time? No? You should come to join our tour. It will give you an unforgettable experience. It is like a tread from Heaven. Come! Join us! It will be a greatest thrill you have had.


Chi Mei Museum Every Monday and 1st, 3rd, 5th Saturdays of the single weeks fixedly rest, and will be  change to Eternal Golden Castle and Merchant House of Tait &Co. /Tree House

Museum was founded by Chi Mei Industrial Corporation Chairman Wen-Long Shi. He had a mission to help people created happy lives. The Collections of the Museum are diverse and rich, including: ancient artifacts violins crafted by world-famous instrument makers, centuries-old Japanese Samurai, classic painting from Renassance and later artistic movement. Besides, it holds a large number of bird and animal specimens, At Museum, visitors can experience the finest masterpieces from different civilizations and cultures and a broad view of the world.

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