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   Tainan culture ancient capital ecology tour (1 Day)


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08:00~09:30 (daily service;4-person min)

Departure Point

Station of Taiwan High Speed Railway/Station of Taiwan Railway/ Major hotels in downtown

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Price Including TW Tour Bus transportation, lunch, admission ticket, $2 million travel insurance, $30,000 medical insurance, mineral water; THSR ticket excluded


Itinerary: Meeting point→Eternal Golden CastleMerchant House of Tait & Co. /Tree HouseLunchTaiwan Salt Museum Black-Faced SpoonbillSouthwest Coast National Scenic Area→DIY activities - try to be a salt grower→return


Eternal Golden Castle

This fort is made in the western style and is listed as a level 1 historical site. The outer wall is approximately 2 meters high and is surrounded by a moat. Arched gates were built with red brick and are 5 meters high. Inside the city, you can see a carpet of green grass, Shen Baozhen's commemorative bronze statue, and ancient artillery reproductions.


Merchant House of Tait & Co. /Tree House

Merchant House of Tait was established in 1845 in Xiamen. This is one of the few foreign firms that remained intact after reorganization of companies.

The walls are made with the same ancient brick of the Old Fort of Anping. It is estimated that construction was most likely at the end of the 19th century and the initial period of the Japanese occupation era. Inside and outside the warehouse are many hundred-year-old banyan trees which add to the structure. This building has formed “the tree takes the wall as its trunk, the leaves become the roof by “Ye Weiwa” into natural art piece.


Chihkan Tower

Chihkan Tower, formerly Fort Provintia in West Central District, Tainan City was built in 1653 by the Dutch during their occupation of Taiwan. During the era of Nationalist China rule beginning in 1945, it was renamed 'Red-topped Tower'. This name derives from the Taiwanese aboriginal word Chakam.


Taiwan Salt Museum

Under the care of a group of volunteer workers, the 338 years of solar salt production history in Taiwan is now preserved in Taiwan Salt Museum at Cigu Township, Tainan County. The shape and the look of the salt piles are strategically designed so that the two piles look like two white pyramids arising high from the salt field.


Black-Faced Spoonbill

[Every year from October to April]

Every winter, Tainan County Chigu wetlands is a popular location for bird lovers, Many migratory birds choose the Tsengwen river to spend their winters, Most commonly found is the black-faced spoonbill which is recognized by everybody. In order to let everybody enjoy seeing these special birds, three pavilions were built especially for bird-watching

Southwest Coast National Scenic Area

Money-coming grocery store is a place to act an idol drama.

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