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   Formosa Kenting Touching One Day Tour


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08:30~09:00 (daily service; 4-person min)

Departure Point

Station of Taiwan High Speed Railway/Station of Taiwan Railway/ Major hotels in downtown

Package Price

Price Including TW Tour Bus transportation, guide, lunch, coffee, $2 million travel insurance, $30,000 medical insurance, mineral water; THSR ticket excluded


Meeting point →Ping-Wei-Hsiung rest stop →Hen-Chun volcano spit out→ Lungluan Lake→lunch →Kenting Sheding National Park →Guanshan →Return


Hen-Chun volcano spit out

There're many peculiar scenic spots in Kenting, during the winter there're north-eastern trading wind cause gusting wind blow, winter typhoon always land here, under the Kenting peninsula , there're underground natural gas, cause this crack to emit gas, through ignition and burning phenomena, local said there's fire dragon here, burn stone is treasure to defend evil things, if turn both counter and clock wise, will eliminate the worse things, and corn, sweet yam ,eggs cook by this fire will have different taste let's try it.


Lungluan Lake

An important bird sanctuary area Lungluan Lake is located on the way to Maobitou and is a migrant bird sanctuary area. You can use the spotting telescope to better view the area. The lake is used by the migratory birds as well as a water reservoir for the area.


Kenting Sheding National Park

Kenting Sheding National Park, is an natural coral reef combination, the trees grow on the rock, facing the north-eastern wind blow during the winter time, are all heading toward south-western direction, provide a spectacular scenery, and wonder of the nature, eco system inside of the part are abundant, there're green grasses, natural coral wall and crack(line coral wall), 20 of the spots lime stone caves, stalactite, stalagmite, etc. full of natural beauty and surprises.


Kuan-shan sun set, setting sun, sun set coffee, perihelia observation, star watching, Hen-chun gusting wind, here you can observe both Pacific and Ba Shi channel, Taiwanese Strait, the whole wide sea scenic just like the circular shape of mother earth.

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