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   Enjoy Delicious Food of Tungkang Bluefin Tuna, Wanluan Pig Leg and Southern Island Fruit


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09:00~09:30 (daily service;4-person min)

Departure Point

Station of Taiwan High Speed Railway/Station of Taiwan Railway/ Major hotels in downtown

Package Price

Price Including Tour Bus, Bus Guide, Traveling Insurance NT$2 Million, Medical Insurance NT$30,000., Mineral Water, Seafood Lunch, Experiencing Fruit Farm, THSR ticket excluded


Gathering Location→ Tungkang Donglung Temple → Bluefin Tuna Auction Market (from 01/May to 30/June annually) → Tungkang Fishery Culture Exhibition Hall → Wanchin Catholic Church in Wanluan Hsiang  → Taste of Mysterious Fruit in Wu-Go Village → Travel of Fruit Ecological Farm → Happy Return


Donggang Donglong Temple

The Wen Diety' in Tungkang is renown around the world. Every three years, the custom of burning Diety's boat has been more noted abroad. It is worthy to visit the most valuable decorated arch made of pure gold with tremendous momentum standing in front of the temple at amount of over NT$100 million..


Donggang Fishery Culture Exhibition Hall

There are descriptions of tuna ecological habit, sea operation of oceanic fishermen and local fishermen's religion in this culture exhibition hall. The cabin and fishing equipments built in accordance with practical proportion make the visitors an on-site experience.  The establishment of this culture exhibition hall could not only let people understand the history of Taiwan fishery, but also make the visitors enjoy the charming sea flavor from Tungkang.


Wanching Catholic Church

?U?÷??¥D±?°?放大圖 This church's construction has been the only antique building in Taiwan and witnessed the history of catholic preached to Taiwan since Hsien-Feng Year of Ching Dynasty. The re-building since Kuang-Hsu Year  11 (1885) to 1960 had been done for several times, and the current outward appearance remains unchanged and is just like a castle in Middle Ages. Are you tired after trip? There is a characteristic coffee shop beside the church with the oldest coffee grinder and phonograph. The owner is full of ideal dream intending to develop coffee instead of local aborigines wine drinking culture.


Mysterious Fruit in Wu-Go Village

This mysterious fruit in Wu-Go originally came from South-America. Its taste just likes a magician which could change flavor from sour to sweetening lasting for 30-40 minutes. Meanwhile, it is the best dressing. The mysterious amylase after Teacher Lee's research has been the excellent nutritious and slimming product. The mysterious fruit after one year's fermentation has been as soap for skin cleanser and whitening.


Fruit Ecological Farm Travel

A.  The organic bell apple cultivated in Tsu-Shan organic farm is different from other places, which productivity duration is from October to June of next year.

B.  The organic pineapple in Ming-Chuan Farm is the most outstanding fruit available from April to August.

(One choice of above two farms depends on fruit maturity.)

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