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   Kaohsiung Night Tour


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19:00 (daily service; 2-person min)

Departure Point

Station of Taiwan High Speed Railway/Station of Taiwan Railway/ Major hotels in downtown

Package Price

Price IncludingTW Tour Bus Transportation, Insurance, Coffee, Dessert, Tour Guide and Mineral Water, ferry ticket

Price ExcludingTicket of Taiwan High Speed Railway


Gathering Location→ Gushan Ferry Terminal Cijin Island → Cijin

Seafood Street Gushan Ferry Terminal Kaohsiung International

Airport → Shin Jiue Jiang Shopping Mall Happy Return



Cijin Island

There are traditional Chinese-style buildings, and drivers of pedicabs with period-attired make a trip to ShashanIsland as a journey to the past. Stroll along the beach in Cijin and feast on the tasty and inexpensive seafood energetically promoted by the proprietors.  Walk along Cijin Old Street further adds to the mood of a summer island retreat.


Kaohsiung International Airport

航空公司照片 Have you had ever seen the airplane closer in front of your sight at present?  And, moreover, nearly to stretch?  If you don't, you certainly must come. Because this is the middle position located at the runway.  No matter the day or night, here is also the magnificent place in Taiwan to watch the airplane taking off and landing.  We offer the coffee and dessert.


Shin Jiue Jiang Shopping Mall

It does conform to the young people because of the fashionable popular commodity primarily. The movie theater, the clothing shop, the cosmetics, the fast food shop… etc.  Come to here!  You could exactly know what the popular now is.

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