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   Neimen Songjiang & Jiasian tour (1 Day)


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09:00~09:45 (daily service;4-person min)

Departure Point

Station of Taiwan High Speed Railway/Station of Taiwan Railway/ Major hotels in downtown

Package Price

Price Including TW Tour Bus transportation, guide, lunch, taro ice bar, calabash DIY, $2 million travel insurance, $30,000 medical insurance, mineral water; THSR ticket excluded


Meeting point→The Tourism Bureau promotes the Battle Array

as an important festival to celebrate and experience →

Neimen Zihihu Temple → 308 Highland restaurant → Jiasian → calabash art museum → calabash DIY → Meinong folk cultural village → return


The Tourism Bureau promotes the Battle Array as an important festival to celebrate and experience.

Song-jiang re-enactment is very extraordinary to watch. It ranks first in terms of the participants among the traditional Taiwan activities. Usually there are 36, 42, 56, or 72 participants. Before the performance, the participants must worship Song Jiang, the great founder. With the drums and cymbals, the participants keep changing the format and strive to show their masculinity.


Neimen Zihjhu Temple

The history of Zihjhu dates back more than 300 years when Admiral Wu, Bi-Da of Cing Dynasty happened to pass by in 1742. The horizontal inscribed board in the temple was a gift from the Admiral who entered the premises to prostrate himself in worship. Grand memorial ceremonies are held in the Zihjhu every year on February 19, June 19 and September 19 of the lunar calendar. The ceremony commemorating the birth of the Buddha in February is the largest and most vibrant with numerous folk art performances.



You will find well-known food stalls here. Don' t miss the opportunity to take home some of these famous taro products.


Calabash Art Museum

Exhibition of 8 kinds of exquisite carvings on the Calabash (bottle gourd). The exhibition includes those made by carving art master, I-Fan Gong. Many artists including those from Japan come to learn from experienced people.


Calabash DIY

Create your own Calabash painting and take it home with you. This treasure box will bring more wealth into your home and guard your fortune.

[A legend from the Bunun tribe - their ancestors come from the calabash offspring handed down through ancient times. The calabash (bottle gourd) is the treasure box which gathered money for the people]


Meinong-Folk Cultural Village

Meinong-Folk Cultural Village folk customs, Hakka culture

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