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   Laonong River Rafting and Nature Tour (1 Day)


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07:50/08:40 (daily service;4-person min)

Departure Point

Station of Taiwan High Speed Railway/Station of Taiwan Railway/ Major hotels in downtown

Package Price

Price includes TW Tour Bus transportation, lunch , insurance, guide and mineral water; THSR ticket and rafting expenses excluded


(05/01-10/30)Meeting point → Meinong Township → Lunch → Liouguei Tunnel / 18 Arhats Mountain → Rafting o­n the Laonong River → Return


MeinongEstablished in 1736, Meinong has well preserved its traditional Hakka culture and old-world ambiance over the years. The township is well known for its artistic oilpaper umbrellas and Hakka cuisine, from flat noodles and pig's feet and stewed winter melon to wild lotus and stir-fried pork intestines with shredded ginger.


18 Arhats Mountain /Liouguei Tunnel

Eighteen Arhats Mountain is a range of over 40 conical peaks. The mountain's unique gravel geology is highly permeable and prone to erosion. As a result, the mountain has a remarkable shape, with steep, sheer-sided cliffs. The mountain is pierced by Liouguei Tunnel, which was used during the Japanese occupation period for transporting timber.

Laonong River Rafting

Extending 137 kilometers, the Laonong River is the second longest river in Taiwan. Its many rapids make it o­ne of the most popular whitewater rafting spots o­n the island. The Laonong is rated as a grade four rafting river, meaning that thrill-seekers won't be disappointed. The river has also hosted several international rafting competitions.

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